Minor changelog 07.12.2020

Minor changelog 07.12.2020


We've recently updated and fixed some bugs which were made aware in the past week affecting the client portal and the frontend of the website, the following has been fixed; 

  • Order Pages, Invoices and payment options are now working correctly allowing you to complete the payment and mark invoice as Paid. 
  • Guest navigation has been fixed as some pages were coming back as broken. 
  • Client navigation has also been fixed - some pages were also coming back as broken. 
  • Captcha issue resolved whereas it would prevent you from logging in sometimes.


If you notice anything that doesn't look right around the client area please open a ticket and share a screenshot/video or steps we can take to replicate the problem. 

So far everything is working perfectly fine! 


Thank you for your patience and we look forward to reaching out to you all soon. 


Many thanks,

WP Managers

Monday, December 7, 2020

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